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EL4DEV - Focus - the ATLAS city in Morocco

EL4DEV - Focus - the ATLAS city in Morocco

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Developed under the Mediterranea label, this experimental touristic city has an agricultural-climatic vocation and will be built on more than 1200 hectares of land in Morocco, near Marrakech.

The city will have among other things:

•100% ecological hospitality establishments entirely built with sustainable materials

• 100% biological catering with locally grown food

•100% ecological interior and exterior aquatic basins

•Museum of therapeutic and positive art

•Initiation to alternative techniques of energy production

•Alternative cinema generator of positive thinking for adults and children

•Development center for children « Le Mini Papillon Source »

The city will be fully assimilated into the Moroccan landscape thanks to its typical berbere architecture with Nubian influences.

ATLAS will catalyze transmediterranean partnership and create a bridge between the muslim-berbere world, western and southern Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa.


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