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LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV - The Mediterranean Butterfly

LE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV - The Mediterranean Butterfly

Press kit the papillon source mediterraneaPress kit the papillon source mediterranea (858.23 Ko)


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As one can guess by its name, the Papillon Source Méditerranée label covers all the regions neighboring this sea , from Gibraltar’s Strait to the farther lands of Greece and Lebanon. It will also cover the countries of the Sahel, the horn of Africa, and the Middle East.

The Mediterranean Sea is an essential element of our common history. It is the witness of great civilizations and some of humanity’s biggest discoveries. It is therefore not surprising that we chose this region to develop the first pilot cities for the Papillon Source project, knowing its intellectual and cultural heritage.

The Méditerranée label is first translated as a partnership between France and Morocco. The primary goals of this label are the pacification of the mediterranean space, and its transformation into a prototype area of ethical and sustainable development.

Why choosing France and Morocco ?

The two countries are champions of scientific and diplomatic collaboration within the region. France is the promoting country of the Papillon Source and its umbrella program EL4DEV.

Regarding Morocco, the country is a strategic key actor that successfully managed to obtain economic and diplomatic power in the Mediterranean basin. The contact established in late 2017 between Mr DELSART and the office of His Majesty Mohammed VI clearly shows the kingdom’s will to be an actor of change.



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