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The butterfly effect - THE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV

The butterfly effect - THE PAPILLON SOURCE EL4DEV

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The theory says that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could cause a tornado in the USA. If that statement has yet to be proven true, EL4DEV’s butterfly on the opposite has all its chances to provoke a wave of change anywhere it will spread its wings.

The climatic, environmental, and diplomatic challenges that we are facing nowadays put us in confrontation with our choices and lifestyles. Nature and the creation of human connections are of major importance for future generations.

The Papillon Source project, component of the bigger EL4DEV program created by Paul Elvere DELSART is the butterfly of change and sustainability. The butterfly symbolizes change and rebirth. This project of green and autonomous cities promotes scientific collaboration and places itself as federating and progressist.

Open to every world citizen, the Papillon Source sustainable cities worldwide will reunite today’s actors for a better tomorrow.


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